Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good tinkering

We're shifting around classrooms here this Summer. I'll be moving down the hall to a room just like this one...

The trick... lay the room out 'as is' or refit? 

I'm guessing it's time for a refit. We need more community discussion and worktable space. Meeting that need though, we may need to drop 'the pods' of computers we've had.

Here's the current layout below, an arc... bit like the bridge of the Enterprise ; ) We move portable tables around the space in the middle to rip into things as needed (not pictured).

We have 20 computers in the room... and there begins the challenge...

It's worked well over the years, but we're craving more community and project space.

Here's one of the layouts we're giving a think...

The layout solves the needs of community conversations and workspace in the middle, and flow of guest speakers. But... its, for lack of a better term, a bit... 'labby.'

The glass coffee table shown in the middle would actually be a work table. The work benches are a needed addition. I'll be writing up a framework for a new course that threads students deeply (at last) into professional development and tech support here at school and the benches are, like everything else in the room, a minimalist approach at meeting those needs. We'd project on the wall behind the desk, and add a giant whiteboard somewhere... we tend to use it a ton to draft ideas in groups.

We're kicking around designs and would love your help. I don't think were thinking deeply enough about it or seeing all our possibilities.

Submit ideas / comments here on the blog, on Facebook, or send messages to me directly. I can also send the Sketchup model too if that helps.



  1. I don't thing that lab by is always a bad thing, but if you want to go a little more collab-spacey, try turning those tables for two so the short end is coming out from the wall and have one on each side- this allows for more chairs to be pulled up at each station if necessary which can be hard if each person is shoulder to shoulder. If this doesn't make sense, send me the model and I'll show you.

  2. Depending on your lecture structure, I would go with a variation of space 2. I would place a means to project on the wall behind the instructor station to hold short lectures standing. I know of many work environments that have started to do this to increase productivity, and the increased flow of relative information. Not to mention standing frequently is linked to maintaining a healthier life style.