Sunday, April 24, 2011

Monday Landscaping

I'll be out Monday April 25th repairing the field with the baseball team. It's a great day to keep tinkering on final presentations. The Force is with us. See you Tuesday! AP

2011 Varsity Baseball Team
Saturday April 23, 2011
Landscaping in rain, sleet or shine!

Monday, April 11, 2011

eDesign Creativity...

In one of the latest assignments in eDesign, students took on the task of creating a collage based on the project themes this semester in the A block Tech Research class. Here's the list of themes:

Garrett: Fish and Game Wildlife Management, Adam: Survival kit , Eric: Bass guitar design, Hannah: Movie making, Ryder: Sound editing, Hannah: Nutrition in schools, Emily: Digital Photography, Kyle: Horror films, Heather: Horse Management, Dylan: Forensics, Jenny: Horse nutrition, Trevor: Building iPod app, Sunny: Two subjects: History of war, and Monsters of Legend, Rachel: Music Genome Project, Lucas: Technology, Jenn: Two themes: Tolkien, and bad movies.

 After the collages were created, the Tech Research class voted on their favorites and here they are respectively:

1st Place: Veronica:

Three entries tied for second place: Emily, Ethan, and Jimmy.

In all, the collages across the class came out great. Many thanks to all those who entered and to those who voted.