Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Technology Internship Proposal: Summary

In the September of 2005 the newly crafted networking lab provided students with the opportunity to conduct hands on configuraton tests with servers, routers, and firewalls on various platforms and hardware. Demand on the facility from enterening students and the Hardware and Networking class required an investigation in expanding the services.

Mr. Provost ran a student internship program as a Network Services Coordinator at another Vermont school and using his notes and data from other similar programs an official internship was proposed with the BBA IT Department. The BBA infrastructure contains advanced equipment with modern routers, firewalls, email, storage and tape backup systems, administrative consoles, modern computer labs and lab management software. These facilities and experience within the technical support department make a perfect fit to expand into an internship program for advanced students.

In the March, 2006 four students began assisting the IT Department as a pilot program. The pilot program was very successful and in October of 2006 a 'BBA IT Department Internship' was accepted by the IT Department and added to the course of studies.

The intership program is the first step in our quest to develop a true student Help Desk initiatve and to provide paid summer opportunities for advanced students on campus. The student Help Desk is an essential step in our proposal to bring one-to-one computing ( a laptop per student) to Burr and Burton.

BBA Research Lab Report: January 2007.
Prepared by: Ian Gunn, Sam Marvin, Matt Naples and James Lapointe.