Thursday, August 18, 2005

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A visual of projects students explored in Tech Research Class: Fall Semester 2010.

"Every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than what we are now. If they can do it, why not us?"
Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix by JK Rowling

We're on to something good here.

We teach three classes currently in the rLab... but they are atypical.

eDesign... Build your design skills in audio, video, digital art, web design, and composition. Incorporate these threads into design projects that explore creativity, communication, and connection. eDesign II takes on more advanced work in any of these areas you choose, including 3D design via Sculptris, Maya, and Unity Engine.

Social Networking: A Senior Seminar seeks to improve your skills as a communicator and give you practical knowledge for life after high school. This course was designed by your peers, and will be modified each semester by your interests. By connecting with experts, we explore your questions here. We'll help you use and leverage social media tools into a spirited source of inquiry, and an enriching support and opportunity network.

Tech Research... defies all the traditional 'tech' class boundaries and limitations. In 50% of the class, we explore how technology is changing yOUR world. In the other 50%, YOU explore something you are interested in. We've covered some amazing ground in our projects so far. Along the way, we'll help you polish your presentation and communication skills. You'll learn to do higher level research, and break down complex projects into motion. Most importantly, connect with experts in your field of study, talk with them, and learn from them. The connections that open up from these exploration can be exceptional. Studies can be extended in Tech Research II and III... a chance to dive deeper into an internship or continue to explore your diverse interests. 

In all classes, student voice is a HUGE thread here. All our students combine to tackle issues and create opportunities here at school via analysis and proposals for change. Our contributions here have shed light on some great educational and philosophical growth at our school.

We've also passed on these class models and proposals on to many schools and districts and relish the opportunity to participate in such discussions. If you're curious about what we do, contact us or stop in for a visit.  
Developing a spirit to explore, to learn, and collaborate may lead you to somewhere you've always wanted to go... or perhaps to somewhere you (we) always should have been. 
We're on to something here and we love it! It's just the beginning though. The flexible nature of these courses are driving many questions about 'school' and 'learning.' That's exciting stuff.

Learning is messy... at least good learning is I think.

Thanks for tuning in, Adam

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