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The list below can lead to some good surfing. We haven't updated this list in quite a while (since 2007). It was a running list back in the day of links we liked from our 'Current Events' and class explorations. Some links may no longer be active. Never know what you might find if you start looking!


Tour ancient Rome in Google Earth:
Aptera in October... now this is an interesting car.
New education model and a new building: New Horizons Academy
The next step in insulation ? Incredible results may just come from Areogel
Collect sunlight and deliver it with low cost optics.
A new version of commuting: Cisco "telepresence"

A new innovation to purify water (and pretty promising):

The quest to extend human life:

World's Smallest Projector (At least at the time we put this up). The Microvision PicoP.

The Duke University Smart House Project

Search Engines:

We posted a these in 2006 (and added a few here and there) but it's time to reintroduce these in the Lab. We've added another that has sprung up as well in ''. Organizing data is one of the major challenges on the desktop and especially on the web. The following search engines are taking standard web searches into a new realm of category / visual organization.
Move the mouse over the binoculars to get a site preview. You'll see:

Google's new search engine experiment:

There's a new Flash version of SearchMash as well. (does not work in the Safari web browser) (New! Thanks, Friar Naples!) (New! Thanks Friar Grossfeld!) 3D Search Cube!

ePaper is back in the News. An interesting article on the history and future of the product.

We highlighted 'Electronic Ink' some time ago. Here's another company on working on the project.

A new pen based on old technology that needs no ink!

A recent article on the 'Seven Wonders of the World.'

Table top computing: Microsoft Surface.

Solar powered wi-fi ! Innovative technology for rural areas. Great news for !

A new version of the eyes that follow your mouse on a desktop... on a web page. Submitted by Paige W.

Frozen Smoke that might change the world ? Submitted by Paige W.

Cancer fighting drug found in dirt.


A look inside the One Laptop Per Child movement and the people working on it.

Silencing overactive neurons with pulses of light ! Innovations on the path toward curing epilepsy, Parkinson's and more.

How can pizza dough be good for you ?

A debate on chat lingo in education.

A great summary by Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, on the state of digital music and related licensing.

Gaming in the classsroom. Right game for the right class.

iPod use in the classroom.

USB sticks and open source software issued to 175,000 students in France.

Multi-touch displays on the horizon.

Looking to ban conventional light bulbs in California . Submitted by Paige M.

Diet by Genome. A new way of looking at the food pyramid. Submitted by Craig W.

iPod technology in Major League Baseball. Think things are changing ?

The BatSuit technology revealed !

Use a Mac as an alarm clock. Welcome to scripting and the power of Automator.

Controlling the speed of light !

- A crucial time for the new global laptop initiative.

- Power devices wirelessly through flexiable electronics.

- New sound chip may revolutionize what we hear.
- New bios chip from Intel named 'Robson' revolutionizes the way computers will boot, which is fantastic news.

- NASA announces plans to establish a base on the moon by 2024.

- Times are changing ! Ever think you could carry your phone on a usb keychain ? Now you can. Vonage V-Phone.

- Seen the bookmark system on the web ? Ever want to keep your bookmarks with you ? Ever want a better way to organize your bookmarks ? Much like photo databases have done for years with tags (meta tags / descriptive information for each photo), organizes your bookmarks in a better way.

- What's going on in your basement ? Michigan teen builds a fusion reactor !

- Virtual education: MMOs, RPGs and broadband exploration for teaching classes at Harvard U. Here's another article on the initiative.

- Ever think you could teach a dolphin the Batman theme song ?

- Air gutiar shirt. Submitted by James Lapointe.
- Sleep in a floating bed.
- Concrete that eats pollution ?

- Use solar power to charge your iPod. Great technology sent in by Mr. Sheets.
- A great followup on the Tesla (electric) roadster from howstuffworks.
- Lightsaber ! An entertaining view of how these mythical sci-fi sabers might work.

- Technology Review previews initiatives that could shape the future.
- A new article from PM on Hydrogen energy.
- A laptop for every school child in Libya !

- New technologies in surgery: 'Healing gel.'
- NYC proposing banning trans fat in restaurants.
- Mapping a mouse brain: Giving resources away leads to very powerful innovation.

-Nice summary by CNN on some new innovations.

- A reminder from my friend Tim Comolli:

William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies, was born on this date September 19th in 1911. The winner of the 1983 Nobel Prize for literature, Golding was working as a teacher in England when he wrote the allegorical novel about a group of boys stranded on an island whose behavior becomes crueler and more barbaric as time passes (1954). Some of his other books include Pincher Martin (1956) and Rites of Passage (1980), winner of the Booker Prize. Queen Elizabeth II knighted Golding in 1988.
Quote: "My yesterdays walk with me. They keep step, they are gray faces that peer over my shoulder." — Sir William Golding

- Happy Birthday Hard Drive ! On September 13, 2006 the HD turned 50. Here's some history.
- 240 songs on an MP3 player 1.62 inches long (matchbook) that weighs about one ounce.
- See the blue, see the green. Birds internal compass discovered.

- Ubuntu takes on the OS market.
- Star Trek turns 40 (Debut was on Sept. 8th, 1966) !
- The Uniross Hybrio: New tech brings together the best of disposable and rechargeable batteries.

- Microsoft teams up with the School District of Philadelphia for an experiment
- Connecting neurons to a computer - in a dish. One very unique experiment.
- A glimpse of into the future of automobiles - today. Tesla Motors 'electric' roadster.

- New cost analysis on hybrid cars.
- Trash, to Gas, to Energy.
- Gecko robot that climbs walls !

- Started in 1990, the last chromosone in the Human Genome has been sequenced.
- Next Gen CD: Blue ray and NAND flash memory make their debut in laptops.
- Light moving backwards ? The University of Rochester and one intersting result.

- Underwater habitats and personal submarines ? Not your typical business.
- Bio-diesel from raw sewage ?
- Clothes that display images from MIT.

- Biodegradeable parts, in a 'green' car ? The Ford Model U
- What's inside a wind turbine ? Take a look see.
- Ever think you could use your tongue to see ?

- Nanogel: Got roof ?
- Open source backup technology. It's in 'alpha' at the moment.
- A Walking robot with incredible balance.

- iPod Nano dissection online. Nice look inside the mysterious device.
- Podcaster gets discovered by a record label and signed to a deal.
- Healing ACL (knee ligament) tears with gel ?

- Growing new organs is becoming a reality.
- NY Times article on why the Windows OS is so slow.
- Bionics: Mind controlled artificial limbs.

- Movies: New download - to - own program.
- It's very cold in space, but at least you'll have broadband internet access!
- For your Star Wars fetish.

- Revolutions in nanotechnology restore sight in mice at MIT.
- Huge hard drive space is on the horizon: Petabytes anyone ?
- Now these are sleds ! The '89 Batmobile and the 'Tumbler' built for Batman Begins.

- Great conceptual models of how engines work.
- Planet number ten.
- Bionic hand

- Now that's a monitor !
- Mapping the the brain and how it processes images - Matrix style ?
- Space port, flights into space. Found by Martin Lawrence.

- Broadcast TV on your cell phone ?
- $125 for a laptop initiative from MIT ?
- Got AJAX ? It's not just a cleaning product anymore. Google and Microsoft dove in.

- Got stones for your iPod ?
- Try on this cell phone.
- How's this for a projector ?

- Behold the magic keyboard. Projected keyboards. Potential uses in PDAs and cell phones.
- Thin televisions, even the rollup variety.
- Electronic Paper. Say it's so.

Not the Same Old Toys:
- Remember that old model car ? Here's the new alternative energy model.
- R2-D2 for the home.

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