Friday, October 5, 2007


Things are cookin' here in the lab. 57 projects are underway at this time. Five students over three classes are working on expanding the visual presentation on the BBA web site. New projects hit the lab this year in farming technology and searching out related related grants, snowboarding technologies and one study in theatrical lighting. We've wrapped in our studies of the OpenCourseWare initiatives and are gearing up for our chats on crafting presentations.

The challenge issued to the lab about 'what education could look like in the future' has sparked some stellar debate in class. As we look at alternative approaches, modern work environments and 'social networking,' ideas on the future of education will no doubt spring to life. One interesting thread surfaced about combining academic areas into one facility (new building!). MIT has been pulling previously separate offices / departments together for a bit now. By mixing the brain trust together new ideas are generating... the lines between previously separate disciplines are vanishing. Discussions on a fabrication shop that incorporated wood, metal, robotics and a new look at energy efficient vehicles ramped up. Hands on design work, testing and building. High-end computer and networking labs, art and design studios, television, independent film and animation as well. Incorporate solar energy, wind energy and related testing gear - integrate the systems into the building. Hydroponics throughout to thread in a more natural environment, air filtration and humidity control to the environment. Many new buildings out and about mix in high tech environments with a more natural approach. The NRG building in Hinesburg, VT is one such model that we'll look at.

On another forward thinking note: Our laptop proposal continues to gain momentum here at BBA. So many students have contributed to this project and it is rewarding to see so much thought provoking work drive forward.

Have a great weekend! AP