Sunday, December 4, 2011

Education Revisited: Homework

We've started our exploration Tech Research called Education Revisited. We challenge the perception of school, learning, teacher and student roles, and best of all we ask each student to redesign education.

Surprisingly... the results are similar year-to-year when students redesign education.

Here's one... Students want to 'do' homework differently. Here are a few that come up:
  • Many would like to see homework done in class, where there's more time to work on things, especially together. We discuss the 'flipped classroom'... where lectures go home and collaborative problem solving work is done in class.
  • No homework over breaks. Here's a good video on this one:

  • Some sort of guidelines for planning. Most often what frustrates students the most is the inability to plan day-to-day as to how much homework they'll have.
  • Homework load effects that classes they take. For students who are exceptionally busy after school, looking through the course descriptions and talking to peers about potential homework loads on classes is common practice.
Education is changing. Are we changing with it, actively trying out new systems and ideas... or are we simply saying 'it's always been this way' and / or going on 'business as usual'?

Good questions, indeed.



  1. This topic will always be one that will plague educators for life.

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