Sunday, December 23, 2007

Things Are Cookin' and Happy Holidays Everyone

We've had one exciting semester thus far.

Discussions on the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) are underway at BBA. Our reports have generated discussions across campus on how technology is used as well as the current internet filtering practices. Meetings will resume in January '08.

Work on a new building is in high gear here at BBA that combines computer lab facilities, audio and video editing suites, sounds stage/s, a fabrication lab and some ecologically sound practices and monitoring systems. A facility like this brings incredible learning and collaboration opportunities.

Our 'laptop proposal' has gone on to the Business Office for some research on demographics and for some discussions with potential vendors on pricing, warranty and insurance options.

Our proposal on the Google for Domains program posted last April has really gained some momentum in discussions here at BBA and across the State.

All these discussions are cookin' on the Research Lab Wiki and this web site. More and more people will be contributing and we couldn't be more excited. Collaboration makes our ideas stronger.

May The Force be with you over the Holidays. Have fun, be nice and be well. See you in January. AP

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