Monday, April 11, 2011

eDesign Creativity...

In one of the latest assignments in eDesign, students took on the task of creating a collage based on the project themes this semester in the A block Tech Research class. Here's the list of themes:

Garrett: Fish and Game Wildlife Management, Adam: Survival kit , Eric: Bass guitar design, Hannah: Movie making, Ryder: Sound editing, Hannah: Nutrition in schools, Emily: Digital Photography, Kyle: Horror films, Heather: Horse Management, Dylan: Forensics, Jenny: Horse nutrition, Trevor: Building iPod app, Sunny: Two subjects: History of war, and Monsters of Legend, Rachel: Music Genome Project, Lucas: Technology, Jenn: Two themes: Tolkien, and bad movies.

 After the collages were created, the Tech Research class voted on their favorites and here they are respectively:

1st Place: Veronica:

Three entries tied for second place: Emily, Ethan, and Jimmy.

In all, the collages across the class came out great. Many thanks to all those who entered and to those who voted.

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