Friday, November 13, 2009

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  3. We see an average of U.S. education reform will occur once every ten years, and in the density of pre-war education reform in the United States is far below this density. This also reflects from one side of the world's rapid development, education, stability can not meet the requirements of the changing times. So say no development of reform, the greater the intensity of reform, the greater the effectiveness of harvest. Education reform has widened the scope, starting from the microscopic field of internal reforms to become the school system structure reconstruction.

    Driving force from the reform, we easily see that six of reform driven by both external forces have the power within. The federal government's role in promoting the reform legislation and had a decisive role, especially in the civil rights movement that reflected the full.

    No matter what kind of reform, his aim is always to the development of society and the country, so that education is also to serve national construction. The value of education development for the country's development is much higher than the value of GDP growth.