Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lab Prep Underway

Posted the new web site today and made a few modifications. Likely will make some changes over the next few weeks, tweaking here and there. The new web site was built in DreamWeaver and Photoshop. We created a blog on and syndicated it to FeedBurner which sports some new tools to include feeds in web pages (FeedBurner was recently bought by Google). Including the new feeds here into this web page with these tools was not difficult at all. Blogger also has some new features that allow users to sign up to the blog and have updates delivered via email. We'll be looking at the improvements to the mobile blogging technology more as the year goes on too.

2 Mac Pros Appear in the Lab:
Configured two Mac Pro workstations in the lab today that should help us out with video, sound and animation explorations. These stations are a lot more powerful than the previous models.

Fired up the old lab music server today. This station takes a licking but keep on ticking. These workstations were not only works of art but they keep running! We have a few more of these stations running in and around the lab still for our server tests, networking lab configurations other experiments.


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